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Biogen, in collaboration with our partner AbbVie, has decided to voluntarily withdraw the global marketing application for ZINBRYTA.

Biogen and AbbVie believe it is in the best interest of patients to voluntarily withdraw ZINBRYTA in the United States. Given the nature and complexity of adverse events being reported with ZINBRYTA, characterizing the evolving benefit/risk profile of ZINBRYTA will not be possible going forward, given the limited number of patients being treated.

Biogen is working closely with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the withdrawal timeline for ZINBRYTA.

Patients are advised to speak with their health care professionals as soon as possible to discuss a new treatment plan. Click here to view the patient letter that Biogen has issued regarding the withdrawal and associated timing.

Health Care Professionals Click here to view the Dear Prescriber Letter that Biogen sent regarding the withdrawal and associated timing.

Prescribing Information for ZINBRYTA